‘Power’ season 3 video: First Starz teaser asks imposing question

“Can you ever get out?”

Clearly, this is a question that Starz wants you to be asking yourselves as you await what will be the third season of “Power” … and by waiting, you could be doing this for an awful long time. The only thing that the promo offered up after Sunday’s finale is that the show will be back in 2016 to go along with the message above.

For the character of Ghost in particular, we know that he is asking himself this question now. He wants to in part become someone different for the sake of Angela, but that is so much easier said than done. This question also firmly applies to other people, as well. Angela has allowed herself to get sucked back in when she could have escaped, and someone like Holly actually did escape this world, only for her to come back. Tommy got out of prison, but now seems to be working against Ghost. For so many of these people, it feels more than anything like some sort of vicious cycle.

Before we wrap this article, here’s one more thing for you to check out: If you head over to Starz’s official page, you can get a deeper analysis of the events of the finale “Ghost Is Dead,” including the brutal decision by Jamie to murder so many of his own people in order to prove that he can move on past his old life … though in the process, he probably becomes something that is worse than what Ghost ever was to begin with.

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