‘Hannibal’ season 3, episode 11 preview: Dr. Lecter plays his games

To think, we are only three episodes away now from the end of “Hannibal” season 3, and quite possibly the series as we know it. It’s a strange proposition, especially since we know that many things are still to transpire before we even make it to the end of the Red Dragon saga.

With that in mind, we transition into the latest promo below. Once again NBC did not release one of their own, and this is coming via City in Canada. The quality’s not the best, but there are a few things that appear to be certain:

1. Will Graham continues to show that he has nine lives, given that he has yet again found a way to survive a brutal attack from a serial killer. He also continues to put on his best stepfather routine.

2. The show really likes to show Francis Dolarhyde eating the Great Red Dragon, don’t they? He now feels like he is becoming more of the beast than before, which is a terrifying proposition for anyone who does come into contact with him.

3. Hannibal Lecter continues to toy around with Francis out in the real world, and also within his prison walls the likes of Will, Alana Bloom, and others. All of this is yet another reminder of the fact that this guy can be a nuisance really regardless of where he is.

For those who have read the book or seen the movie, you know that there are many big moments still to come. It’ll be interesting to see how the show adapts them.

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