‘True Detective’ season 1, episode 2 review: Rust and Martin’s beginnings

HBO logoWe weren’t sure what to expect from HBO’s new series “True Detective”, but after a beautifully acted premiere, we are hooked. The story is solid, the performances are amazing and the over all feel of the show is so dirty and gritty that we can’t help but smile as it sucks us into this world. This was an hour of television that goes by in the blink of an eye, but can they keep this tone up all season long?

Back in 1995, we get another glimpse of Rust and Martin’s relationship. Rust suspects that Martin is cheating on his wife Maggie and after a confrontation about it there is some heavy animosity between these two partners. As far as the investigation, Rust and Martin follow a lead that brings them to a remote ranch that is harboring young runaway girls that are being forced to work as prostitutes. They find a diary owned by Lange and inside are references to a “yellow king” – but what does that mean?

returning to present day we learn more about Rust and how he ended up as the broken down man that he is. After the accidental death of his daughter, his drug habit became so out of control that his marriage couldn’t handle the stress and it collapsed. He ended up working for four years as an undercover officer and that ended with a gun fight leaving him hospitalized for a period of time. Once released he was brought into homicide where he was partnered with Martin… we learn that Martin and Maggie are no longer married.

So did HBO keep up the standard they set in the premiere episode? We feel that they did and what’s interesting about this show is that we find ourselves way more invested in Rust and Martin’s lives then we are in the actual murder case. That’s the sign of high level character development. Episode grade: B+

What do you think of “True Detective” so far and are you loving the performances as much as we are? leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts on the show. (Photo: HBO)

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