‘Teen Wolf’ season 5, episode 8 review: Parrish’s secret; the Desert Wolf rises

Teen wolf -Can you believe that there were some happy moments on tonight’s “Teen Wolf” episode? In between the rescue of Liam and Hayden, and then also Liam realizing the true extent of his powers, we actually had a couple of things for the character to be happy about! This is a big change given the place that they were in at this time a week ago. Also, that kiss!

As intense and this story was with Hayden and Liam (which dominated a bit percentage of tonight’s episode), there are a couple of reveals at the end of this hour that do stand out from the rest:

1. Learning that it is Parrish who is behind the show’s rampant body-transport. We’re starting to come closer and closer to figuring out just who this guy really is, what he wants, and whether or not he is someone who can be rooted for.

2. The Desert Wolf finally appearing in the flesh. Marisol Nichols of “NCIS” plays the character, and it definitely seems clear at the moment that she is very different than any other one we’ve seen her play recently. This is a woman who is clearly not looking for a happy reunion with Malia.

Just in case this wasn’t enough for you in this episode, don’t forget about that heartbreaking scene between Scott and Kira, which was yet another reminder of Scott’s biggest flaw: He wants to be the hero all the day, and sometimes he struggles when he simply cannot. There are things out there just beyond his control.

In between all the events we described above and tensions amounting around Theo, this “Teen Wolf” episode may be one of the season’s most complete. Our biggest compliment we can offer here is that the show really told a consistent narrative, and one that was complex while not being confusing. It has definitely struggled with the latter as of late. Grade: B+.

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