‘Homeland’ season 5 spoilers: New promos place focus on Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin

HomelandWith the October 4 premiere date of “Homeland” season 5 quickly approaching, the folks over at Showtime are doing more and more to hype up what could be a pretty awesome batch of episodes ahead.

The latest promos released by the network seem to be, more than anything else, serving a single purpose: Reminding you that many of your favorite characters are back in action! In this case, these promos focus on Carrie and Saul, who are definitely in different positions at the start of the season.

Carrie – For Claire Danes’ character, she is trying to move forward with her life after what she calls a “clean break” from the CIA. She is now in Germany, has a new job, and seemingly a new man in her life. She’s moving forward … or at least she is until she is captured. From here, who knows? It’s possible that her old habits are going to be just as hard to break as you would figure.

Saul – Meanwhile, Mandy Patinkin’s shrewd spy is going to be back to doing what he does best. He thought he could get away from all of this and live something of a normal life, but for Saul the work is really his great love. He is great at being a spy, and we really don’t think that he knows any other way. This is just the sort of person that he is, and arguably the sort of person that he will continue to be the rest of the series.

There’s also a brief sighting of Quinn in the second preview, but sadly no full promo about him for now.

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