‘Under the Dome’ season 3 boosts renewal hopes slightly with DVR data

If you look at the current ratings for “Under the Dome” season 3, there is probably one prevailing thought that you are going to have: Not being particularly impressed, and for good reason. The CBS show has not exactly been much in the way of a titan this season either commercially or creatively, and this is the first time to many that the show could be seen as in some danger. It does have a lucrative streaming deal and that may help it, but by how much?

Well, we can at least tell you for now that there is some good news coming for “Under the Dome” fans courtesy of TVbythnumbers: At least the show is faring pretty well in terms of live+3 DVR figures (live ratings, plus three days of DVR viewing). For the series’ July 30 episode, it surged all the way from a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic (the rating that matters most for advertisers) up to a 1.7. That is the biggest increase that any show made in the live+3 ratings, and it shows that there are still many people invested in this show.

Will it be enough? Well, one thing that helps “Under the Dome” other than the streaming deal is what happens when you look around their schedule. You’re not going to see too much when it comes to consistently strong shows in the ratings this summer. “Zoo” is mediocre at best, “Extant” is doing terribly, and “Big Brother” is really all they have.

If it was us making the call, we’d probably greenlight one more “Under the Dome” season and make it the final one. We do think that given the show’s premise, there’s only so long that you can really keep this going without making things even crazier than they already are.

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