Could the ‘True Detective’ season 2 finale raise excitement for season 3?

HBO logoLet’s be honest: Other than HBO, how many people are really talking right now about a “True Detective” season 3? The second season from our vantage point has not been the complete disaster that some in the media are professing it to be, but it also has not been a creative revelation, either. It’s been much too confusing, and rather than try to establish a completely new tone, it feels instead like it is just using the same emotional road map with new characters and a different setting. The show needed to do more to really change things up.

So could the finale Sunday night change things? It’s possible, but it will really take an ending the promises plenty of answers, a real conclusion, and some strong character moments to go along with it. If there was ever a show that needed to simplify, this would be it. There is a need for it to cut down on some of the clutter, and focus more on the individuals and the struggles of being either in the police force or a career criminal who at least tried briefly to be on the men.

While “True Detective” season 1 was awesome for the most part, the ending did leave a little up to be desired … though it did have an odd sort of William Faulkner sort of quality to it where we could see a sound and a fury through Rust Cohle and Martin Hart’s interaction. There is room for this finale to top that one, but it would be hard-pressed to get to a point where season 2 is remembered more fondly than season 1.

If you are watching the finale live tonight, our suggestion is this: Turn off Twitter, check it out, form your opinion, and then come back online and read up. We do think that the deluge of hate-tweets can at times form a mental mob mentality.

We’re going to talk more about a possible third “True Detective” season tomorrow, so come back then to check that out. For now, head over here to see some more of our finale coverage, and sign up today to get some other scoop on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: HBO.)

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