What a ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ season 2 (or second day of camp) could be

AmericanWe just finished our eight-day not-really-a-binge of “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” and if you read all of those reviews, you know at this point that we really enjoyed diving into that show.

Now that we’ve said this, you do have to wonder something else: Just where does the franchise go from here? Is there anywhere else it can go? We think so far as Camp Firewood as we’ve come to know it goes, there could be some trouble making a “Second Day of Camp” for Netflix. For one, we already saw a tiny glimpse of the next morning on the show, and it feels like for the most part, a lot of the events of the movie were set up. Katie and Andy are already together now, and he’s already tired of her. Meanwhile, Coop’s interest in Katie was there, Ben and McKinley have started to get their romance going, and we’ve seen Jonas become Gene and the Can of Vegetables is very much around. You’d have to really get creative and go a circular route in some ways to make another day in this particular summer work.

Now comes the tricky part: Do you try to do the first day the following summer? Do most of these counselors come back? Given that most of the characters are meant to be 16, you would think that there would be at least room for one more summer with them, and moving forward the possibilities are more endless.

Now, you run into two other issues.

1. Does it tarnish the original ending of the film? We don’t think so, mostly because the original movie is so absurd to begin with, and the creative team proved here that they still know and understand the tone of the franchise.

2. How much of the cast do you get back? There were so many big names in here, and the fear could be that maybe you recruited so many of them just because of the appeal of getting to go back and work with some old friends again. Balancing schedules would be tough moving forward, and while you could justify someone not turning up at camp the next summer, we’re not sure you would really want to.

Ultimately, the good news is that there’s no hurry. The show clearly does not mind aging down the actors for the roles, so we see it as perfectly okay to maybe come back in two or three years and do something like “Arrested Development” is for Netflix: Just make shows at your own pace and when you can get people involved.

We’ll have to see what happens, but we really hope we’re not done with Camp Firewood yet.

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