‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’ episode 6 review: Andy and Katie’s moment

Wet Hot American -The musical finally arrived on episode 6 of “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” and dare we say that it was more than what we thought it would be?

We’ve been pretty clear over reviewing the last few episodes that we haven’t loved this story as much as some others, mostly because we didn’t feel like Susie and Ben were completely developed yet, and there were limitations to the setting. Yet, this episode was a brilliant way to bring everything to a head. Susie and Ben admitting at the same time to cheating on each other was hilarious, as was the reminder that Susie is supposed to be 16 years old and that Ben fell in love because of a zoot suit.

Meanwhile, this episode continued to show Coop that he and Donna probably have no real future, and that Katie and Andy might. There were moments near the end of their performance as star-crossed lovers (though his character actually died at one point in the play) that we actually found ourselves rooting for Andy, which is terrible given that, as we saw in the movie, he is an awful human being who really just wants to sleep with her and then throw her away. This is part of the way this franchise now messes with your head.

Take, for another example, Lindsay helping out Eric finish the song that has haunted him for years, only to bolt the moment she gets close with him in fear of being “part of the story.” We still have no idea how this will eventually lead to her being the “teenager” who kisses everyone during the movie.

There were fewer stories this time as a whole, and we feel like that probably was an asset in some ways since it gave us more chances to laugh at various situations. For example, Jeff and Gail attending the play, only for Gail to then divorce him after only an episode, was another reminder of just who she is.

The weakest part of this particular story is probably the trial, and the fact now that Beth feels like her life is particularly in danger thanks to The Falcon. We’ve lost Michael Cera! We buy the show’s insanity for the most part, but it does still feel like something like this would have been mentioned later on in the summer unless Beth was really repressing things. This may be a little bit of a bridge too far, but we still have to admit we laughed a lot during it. Episode Grade: A-.

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