‘Falling Skies’ season 5 spoilers: Preparing for the final battle

At the moment, we are firmly entrenched in what we would refer to as the calm before the storm on “Falling Skies” season 5. There is going to be some craziness and some truly shocking moments in due time, but over the next two episodes we could see the focus placed a little more on trying to ensure that some of our characters are properly prepared for whatever is set to come.

The August 9 episode of the show is entitled “Everybody Has Their Reasons,” and while this may sound like something that a relative would tell you when you are upset, this has to be relevant somewhat to the story! This episode is the seventh of the final season, and there are only going to be three that air after it. Luckily, we do think that the official synopsis released via TNT does a slightly better job of explaining what some of the secrets within this hour are going to be:

“The 2nd Mass arrives at a safe haven – a functional military base run by Weaver’s old colleague and flame, Captain Katie Marshall. As the two groups make plans for the final assault on the Espheni, the 2nd Mass begins to realize that things aren’t exactly as they seem.”

Could there be a traitor in the midst, or could these characters be on the cusp of some sort of sneak attack? At the moment, you really do have to consider almost everything a tangible possibility in one way or another. The series is out to surprise us, and probably also to make the final battle as hard as they possibly can. There is no other reason to even set up the stakes if you are not going to have it be a challenge.

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