‘Jessica Jones’: Netflix released official logo for Marvel adaptation

Given that “Jessica Jones” is really only a matter of months from coming onto Netflix, the service is still for the most part being very coy about how much information that they give up. Then again, are you really that shocked by this? They need to ensure that people still have an incentive to be excited close to when it premieres, and given that they have to get the entire season ready for whenever it does premiere, maybe their back is against the wall more so than some other shows that are out there.

At least if nothing else, we’ve got for you the official logo today as released by Marvel for the upcoming comic-book adaptation. In the end, this is … boring. There’s nothing that really stands out about it, which is somewhat of a bummer given that this is one of the more unique Marvel projects out there.

For those somewhat in the dark, Krysten Ritter stars as the title character, a former superhero who now has taken up a job as a private eye, and works to solve a variety of different cases and issues set within this world. It is another cool part of the Marvel / Netflix canon, which started over with “Daredevil” and is now continuing into this world. These show are both part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in theory, but we don’t expect came cameos from non-Netflix programs in them. Instead, we’re just going to be happy if we see a few other characters pop in from time to time.

Also, did we mention that we are super-stoked to see David Tennant also on this show? Well, we are.

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