‘Power’ season 2, episode 8 preview: Lobos makes Ghost an ‘offer’

Over the course of the past several episodes of “Power” season 2, it has been pretty hard to question who has been at the center of most of the drama. Specifically, we are looking at the likes of Ghost, Tommy, Angela, and Holly. There have been no firm arrests, but there is this sinking feeling that something pretty terrible could happen around almost every turn.

The sneak peek below from Saturday night’s new episode is somewhat a reflection of that, as Lobos makes Ghost an offer upon his arrival that could make him a very rich man. However, there is a pretty major catch to it: If Ghost wants a bigger bank account, Tommy has to be out of the picture … completely. Lobos feels like the guy is “dead weight,” and given how much the target has been on him lately, you have to wonder whether or not Ghost could be better off without him.

With that said, there’s an attachment and a history there, and Ghost may not take too lightly to what almost feels like a veiled threat. Is Lobos really giving Ghost much of a choice here at all? Much of it depends on how you read this scene, since it could be taken as Lobos telling him to get rid of him at all costs. What’s going to happen if he doesn’t take him out? That could be one of the interesting themes of the final episodes of the season.

For the record, we’d be very surprised to see anything happen to Tommy in this episode, but stranger things have certainly happened.

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