‘Halt and Catch Fire’ season 2, episode 9 review: Mutiny, indeed

Halt -Did you really think that Joe MacMillan and Cameron Howe were going to take being played lying down? These are two people who have fancied themselves revolutionaries. Joe is a guy who burned down a truck full of computers just because he didn’t like what they became!

Sunday night’s “Halt and Catch Fire” as a result of what Jacob Wheeler did was really us spending time waiting to see how Joe would strike back, and in his own way both he and Cameron did. First, he managed to completely sabotage a keynote speech, and then the grand “experiment” for Jacob’s company fell completely apart for all eyes to see. Mutiny had won right when it started to look like their entire product was stolen! They’d even sold a product, which was helping him stay afloat.

Right when everything was starting to go right for Cameron and Mutiny, Bosworth decided to quit. He got himself a new job, and he was ready to have a little more consistency. We’re not entirely sure what exactly he did with Mutiny all the time, but we’ll miss him here. He’s always been one of the more intriguing guys on the show in that in looking back to the early days, he was hesitant to be in the computer business in the first place.

Now, let’s talk about some other losses. Clearly, there were going to be personal ramifications of what happened. Cameron hurt Tom by saying that being happy was a distraction, and then she kissed Joe, whose relationship with Sara fell apart down the road. We’re not particularly surprised by any of this; what we were shocked more by was the revelation of what Tom had given up to be with Mutiny … and perhaps this was the biggest corporate loss of all.

This was a very good episode as a whole for the show; above all else, we’re now just excited to see what the finale brings. Grade: B+.

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