‘Poldark’ episode 6 preview (PBS): Expectations for Aidan Turner, cast in key episode

“Poldark” is starting to creep closer to the end of the season, and as we start to move in this direction, you better believe that we are only going to continue to see the drama escalate. This upcoming episode will be a key one for the future of the Ross Poldark character; not only is his business going to be put to the test, but those close to him have to determine whether or not they are content with not having the lives that they want.

As always, we are here now with our customary list of teases for what to expect in this episode.

1. Ross is going to spend a large percentage of this episode suffering, as he is forced to endure a devastating loss. How he reacts to this ultimately could effect more than just himself, given that he now has so many responsibilities with Demelza and also with the mine.

2. Demelza is going to continue to flex some of her social muscles over the course of the episode, making her opinions fairly clear when it comes to a few actions of Keren’s. Maybe Demelza is going to have a career as a therapist at some point after all of this?

3. You will see the true consequences of Francis’ misfortune, and also some grumpiness from him when he starts to learn a little bit more about Verity and Blamey.

4. Yes, there are many sad moments that will happen throughout this episode, but Aidan Turner’s character will still be front and center at least for one happy scene by the time we reach the end of the hour.

Remember, there are only two installments after this one before the first season is said and done … That may not be an easy thing to say goodbye to, but what a ride it’s been!

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