‘Halt and Catch Fire’ season 2, episode 9 preview: Cameron and Donna face a tough realization

With “Halt and Catch Fire” near the end of its second season, it does certainly make a great deal of sense that Mutiny would be in the most desperate position we’ve ever seen it in. Right after Joe MacMillan told Cameron to not give up control of her company, she then learned that Jacob Wheeler has opted to fight fire with fire, and commissioned his own team to virtually do the same thing in the games market. Joe had no role in setting this up, but we do not exactly imagine that Cameron cares too much about that one way or another right now.

As a matter of fact, she seems desperate in the sneak peek below from Sunday night’s episode to just shoot away her troubles, and not think about anything other than her rage for Joe, who she thinks may have been somehow behind some of this. She also realizes that now she is in survival mode, and that means having to potentially sell one of Mutiny’s creations in order to ensure that the company can stay afloat for a little while longer.

All Cameron and Donna now have that allows them to stand apart is their games, and as bad as what happened to them here is, it may be good for them in the end to be pushed more towards the realization that they are not going to be the only ones with technology. They have to be creative and different in order to have any sort of significant longevity in this industry, and the way to do that is by making a variety of different games that people want.

There is only one episode left beyond Sunday night’s, so whatever Cameron and Donna figure out here for the future of their company, you better hope that they figure it out quickly.

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