‘Royal Pains’ season 7 finale review: Hank, Divya, Evan, and Paige look back (and look ahead)

Royal Pains -Tonight’s “Royal Pains” was at least in part about looking back before moving forward … at least when it comes to Hank. For the first time really since the pilot of the show, he had to confront his past with his ex-fiancee Nikki. For the longest time, he seemed to be fairly comfortable thinking that the entire reason for the split had nothing to do with him. However, it turns out that this was not even remotely the case, and there were some other major factors that went into what happened.

Specifically, we’re talking about him wanting to pull the plug after she said that she wanted to “postpone” matters between the two. Maybe now that he has come to grips with this, he can start to really move forward. Will that happen with the nurse at the end of the episode? He did ask her out, and she said no … for now.

For Evan and Paige, what they realized tonight is that sometimes stepping forward means stepping back and analyzing the situation. It felt somewhat obvious that this story was going to lead to the mother deciding that they were not going to get the child.

At least someone did get a happier end to their story this season, as Divya and Raj finally admitted to their feelings for each other. Not only that, but he proposed! We apparently do have to wait to see what is going to be coming for them. Divya lost someone she loved dear, but maybe in the process learned more about living in the moment.

This was a hopeful finale despite some of the hard times we saw over the course of the hour for some of these characters. We were disappointed about the lack of Jeremiah both int he finale and the season in general, but at least the show set the stage for an eighth season next year where Hank and Evan may be ready to move on to the next phase of their lives. Grade: B.

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