‘Teen Wolf’ season 5, episode 5 review: Dr. Valack and the book of the Dread Doctors

Teen Wolf -Let’s start this “Teen Wolf” episode review with the least-surprising “surprise” of the night: Dr. Valack is the author of the book on the Dread Doctors. Given what he knows about Eichen House, and also the general creepy aura that the guy gives off, he certainly seems like someone who would have a substantial amount of secret knowledge stored away in that brain of his.

So what Valack knows that is so important is that through the mystical powers of this book, he can help bring into focus these beings, and help to determine memories that may have been lost.

Just when we were starting to think that he was a valuable resource, it appeared at the end of the episode that he could be dead … or was he? Thanks to a prerecorded scream (who knew that recorders could replicate that?), the mysterious man with the mysterious eyes is still out there. The same goes for Scott / Kira and Stiles / Lydia, who made it through this episode despite Eichen House looking like a serious death trap.

Now, let’s turn to Malia and Theo, and the words that many fans have been waiting to hear: “Desert Wolf.” Is this story finally starting to spike? The only unfortunate thing is that you are hearing these words in conjunction with “Malia and Theo,” and we’re not sure just how many ‘shippers that there are for these two in a short period of time, especially when you still have to question Theo’s loyalty and what his endgame is at the moment.

Did we learn something about the Dread Doctors in this episode? Sure. We’ve figured out that the book can be a weapon to focus in your past, and leave them more exposed and vulnerable than before. You can better anticipate their moves. With that said, there’s a distinct difference between anticipating and stopping, and as effective this episode was in freaking us out, it left something to be desired in the field of providing answers. Grade: B-.

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