‘Falling Skies’ season 5, episode 5 preview: ‘Non-Essential Personnel’ and the halfway point

As we mentioned in the title, we are definitely getting to a pivotal point in the series on “Falling Skies.” In the matter of just seven days, we are going to have an opportunity to see everything start to intensify as we get closer and closer to the series finale. The Espheni presence is still there, but Tom and the 2nd Mass are preparing for one of the most epic battles that we have seen to date.

However, at the same exact time you are going to see on several occasions next week during “Non-Essential Personnel” that the remaining humans on the series are going to have quite a few problems of their own in the reasonably near future. They don’t always get along, and they really need to at this point if they want any hope of making it. Here is looking at you, Pope! Specifically, this is a guy who really does need to get on the same page as everyone else and stop taking people like Hal away.

You can see the synopsis for this episode below in the event you haven’t already … we should have a promo to go along with it not too long after the episode wraps:

“The 2nd Mass leaves Chinatown en route to what they hope will be the final Espheni battle. Along the way, they encounter a deranged and desperate gunman who takes Weaver hostage. Meanwhile, Tom sets off to rescue Hal from Pope and his dangerous group of survivors.”

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