‘Big Brother 17’ live feed spoilers: Vanessa’s ‘deal,’ the Wackstreet Boys, and sponge cakes

Vanessa -In the hours since the Power of Veto Competition ended on “Big Brother 17,” things have definitely been somewhat crazy! Then again, did you really expect anything else from this group? It’s hard to really say so when you consider who we are dealing with … namely Audrey.

After she spent some time helping Shelli with her extensions, ironically, she has actually not that big of a part of the chatter tonight. Instead, it is Vanessa thinking more and more about what she would do with the Power of Veto. She is considering making some sort of deal with Jason where in return for saving him, he and his alliance doesn’t put up her or her alliance. This way, they can unite temporarily and get further in the game … if this works. We’re not really sure of the incentive here for the most part, though. Why take Jason off the block and not Johnny Mac? We don’t trust Jason to hold up his end of the bargain, and John is a nice guy they are clearly taking advantage of. If he ever wins Head of Household, Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa couldĀ be some of the first people he goes after.

The plan for the time being does seem to be to backdoor Audrey still, and they want to ensure that she goes home if she gets put up since it would be a total blindside. Ultimately, this move does look good on paper and that is part of the problem. Shelli waffled on this once, so why would she want to do this now? She’s already doubting it. The only real incentive to getting her out is that it is a safe move that will anger nobody. Otherwise, she has no real allies in the game and is mostly a sitting duck. You don’t want to take her to final six, but she could have a larger use if you want to separate the After Dark Crew.

Here are a few other, non-game updates on the night:

1. Thanks to last night’s Battle of the Block, John, Jason, and Julia have to wear these white outfits and do a dance as the “Wackstreet Boys” (and girl?) every time they hear music.

2. Have-Not food is sponge cakes and gravy. Pretty gross combination. Jackie, Audrey, John, and Becky are Have-Nots, which makes it fairly clear where they are in her mind.

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