’19 Kids and Counting’: Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar release statement on TLC cancellation

19 Kids and Counting -At this point, many of you out there have more than likely heard the truth that the end is here for “19 Kids and Counting.” TLC formally canceled the series on Thursday, and to us the only real surprise in the middle of all of this is that it took so long for them to make this decision. There was an enormous backlash to the revelation that Josh Duggar molested many of his own siblings when he was younger, and also the way in which his family handled the situation and chose not to disclose it for some time.

Ultimately, what TLC learned while they waited to figure out the show’s future is that the negativity around the family never went away. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar released a lengthy statement on their website about the manner, and did show some gratitude to the network for putting them on the air in the first place:

“We are so thankful for our film crew that has shown up at our house for over a decade. They have become like family to us. They have invested their time and energy into our lives and have been so loving and patient. We love and appreciate them so much! Over the last several years people have said to us, “We love your show!” We have always responded, “It’s not a show, it’s our lives!” Our desire in opening our home to the world is to share Bible principles that are the answers for life’s problems.

“With God’s grace and help Josh, our daughters and our entire family overcame a terrible situation, found healing and a way forward. We are so pleased with the wonderful adults they have all become…”

Now that this is all said and done, we wonder if the time is here for TLC to really start examining the sort of programming they put on the air, and whether or not they should put all of their eggs into the basket of a single family. Remember what happened to “Here Comes Honey Boo” before this show came on, and while “Jon and Kate Plus 8” did not have any legal issues, its run before Kate and the kids did their own show ended rather badly.

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