‘Graceland’ season 3, episode 5 preview: Moving past death and the great Ari ploy

Tonight’s episode of “Graceland” certainly passed the test so far as being intense goes. This was an hour that feature Briggs making an elaborate plan to set up Ari, while at the same time we also saw a pretty rough death for a guy in Colby. We do wonder often this season whether or not Briggs is going to far; he does at times live on the edge, and we’ve already seen what his actions can cause.

Next week, we are going to see first and foremost the reactions to everything that happened tonight. Did you expect anything else? What will be mostly interesting is what happens from there, at least based on some of the latest information that we have courtesy of the synopsis below:

“The death of an agent leaves the housemates reeling; Briggs and Johnny work to rescue Lucia, who’s being held by Carlito Solano; and Mike’s visions lead him to a small-time crook with a dangerous secret.”

You can get a little bit of a better sense at what is coming now in the promo below, as well! The biggest thing that we can say is rather simple, and that is to be ready for a pretty wide variety of surprises. The show is going to have its work cut out for it trying to cram in the aftermath of what happened with Ari and whatever else Mike is going to be up to within the span of a single episode. Plus, there’s still no real world on what a few other characters are going to be up to.

What do you want to see on the next “Graceland” episode? Share some of your thoughts / hopes right now with a comment.

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