‘Mr. Robot’ episode 4 review: Elliot’s visions become a little fishy

Robot -Let’s make one thing very clear about tonight’s “Mr. Robot” episode entitled “Daemons”: It will be polarizing. This was far and away the most abstract episode of the entire series today, as a great deal of the story was told to us in a series of visions, carried through by Elliot’s pain-pill-snorting addiction after having the weight of the world dumped on him by fsociety and others. He is someone skilled, but not sure what to do sometimes with this skill. He is searching for answers, but reasonably unsure as to how to find them.

Through these visions of his, what we saw tonight brilliantly is his current emotional landscape. He still has some sort of feelings for Angela, and he clearly has issues with home given that he saw a 404 error in its place. (That was an incredible visual, we should note). As for him talking with his fish, let’s just say that this may have been born out of his own loneliness and fear that no one understands him.

Elliot’s life is not getting any easier, but there may be a certain cognizance on his part that he cannot continue to live this way. Was Mr. Robot physically or mentally there at episode’s end to pull him away? It’s hard to say, but ultimately it did not matter thanks to the beauty of the scene.

Elsewhere tonight, how nice was it to see Angela start to realize a thing or two about a certain guy in her life? Her outing with¬†Shayla was real, crazy, and thoroughly entertaining. The interaction between these two was really what we’ve been hoping for from this show’s supporting cast, and we also assumed that Angela was going to get even more mixed up in all of this over time.

Maybe some out there wanted something more tangible out of “Mr. Robot” tonight; personally, this may be one of our favorite episodes of TV in 2015. Superb job all around.¬†Grade: A.

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