‘Power’ season 2, episode 5 reaction: Angela’s game-changing move and what it means

How is this for a game-changer? You may have waited for two weeks to see tonight’s new episode of “Power” on Starz, but hopefully this installment did more than enough to make it worth your while … especially when it comes to Angela making a huge step forward when it comes to her investigation.

The problem for her is that this step forward did not come in the most ideal of circumstances, given that Holly was able to use her knowledge of who Angela had been with romantically as leverage in order to secure her own freedom. Basically, she demands that both her and Tommy are cleared of any charges against them, or she’ll spill the beans on who she has been sleeping with. Rock, meet hard place.

This all eventually leads of course to Angela breaking down, and if that was not bad enough, her arriving to see Ghost while Greg is tracking her every move. The guy has some sort of crazy sixth sense or something, right?

While we know that there are other stories going on with Tasha, Tariq, and others, this one fascinates us the most largely because everything that happens with Angela moving forward could send almost the entire story down in an avalanche. She could expose an entire operation if she finds the right evidence, and yet she still has to find definitive proof at the same time. Is her romantic history going to get in the way of justice? Even if she solves the case, there’s a chance that she could be facing some trouble, as well. “Power” still has five episodes left, and this revelation will make those very different.

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