‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Meet Vox, Pretty Big, Daditude, Joanna Kennedy, Duo Volta, and more

America's Got Talent -Tonight’s new episode of “America’s Got Talent” episode certainly looked to deliver a wide array of talent! Tonight, we had rock bands, dad dancers, choirs, trapeze artists, and plenty others. This was really the sort of episode of the show that we love to see, and it is for that reason that we’re glad NBC chose this as a way to say goodbye to the audition portion of the night. It wasn’t the same typical combination of singers and dancers that we have become so used to over time.

Take a look below at some of our primary highlights from tonight’s episode. These are the ones we’ll be remembering for a while.

Daditude – This was reminiscent in some ways of Old Man Grooving from “Britain’s Got Talent”: A fun dance crew made up of older men who are coming back to do something that they were once great at decades ago. This is the sort of crew we like, mostly because it is not the same thing we get every season.

Selected of God Choir – Choirs are something that has become more and more popular over time, and these folks from Detroit were powerful. The song choice was a little over-the-top, though. We hope that when they come back they do something that really gets the audience having fun. We’re not sure that all of the members of the choir hit all of the high notes in “The Prayer.” The judges clearly loved it a little more than we did.

Duo Volta – Yes, the show did get a lot of mileage out of that whole “we used to date, but not anymore” story. Once you get past that, let’s just focus on how amazing this is! One of the better auditions we’ve seen all season.

Patrick Bertoletti – It’s completely gross, but at the same time we were somewhat entertained by this guy downing around 15 pounds worth of eggs in a short period of time. It’s at least something that we haven’t seen before.

Three Shades of Blue – These guys looked way older than 19-20! That aside, we like that they weren’t afraid to actually perform a cover on this show, and do something to “Feeling Good” that we have honestly never heard before. Good on them!

Pretty Big – We’d honestly rather watch Pretty Big perform than the majority of other acts out there. Why? They are pretty good dancers, but more than that they had energy and personality. If they can continue to implement this kind of humor into their act, they could go a long way.

Vox – We’ve seen opera groups like this before, but there’s still no doubting that they are really good! Our question is this: What are they going to bring to the competition moving forward that we have not seen some other group do before?

Joanna Kennedy – This was an awkward exercise in kissing, but also rather funny! We’re never going to remember this at the end of the season, but at least a fun way to close out the auditions.

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