‘Penny Dreadful’ season 3 spoilers: Are Lily and Dorian poised to be Big Bads?

While there were many very-entertaining scenes presented during the “Penny Dreadful” season 2 finale, one of the most exciting moments has to come via a bold proclamation from Lily that her special breed will begin a rule in due time. This thought must terrify Victor Frankenstein to a certain extent; not only does he bear responsibility, but he also has to know that the idea of her working with Dorian is extremely terrifying.

Are these two now officially set to be the primary villains of season 3? Maybe it is too early to use the term “big bad” to describe them, but it definitely does appear clear that they could do some damage moving forward. Speaking in a finale post-mortem with IGN, creator / writer John Logan teased what is coming up for these two characters:

“Certainly, as characters – like you said as this new power couple – they’re quite formidable. And they definitely sort of rose up in Episode 10 of this season. And our characters come into conflict with many shapes and shadows and have a lot of challenges ahead of them. And so Lily and Dorian will be a big part of next season. And they’re terrifying. Because whereas The Creature wants to be a part of humanity, to be one with humanity, and to be accepted by other people, Lily and Dorian want to rule over humanity. And it’s a chilling, scary thought.”

Just in case you were wondering specifically as to why nine episodes is the chosen episode order for season 3, Logan suggested that it was a collaborative decision between him and Showtime to tell the best story without dragging anything on. Vanessa could have her work cut out for her trying to handle the uprising ahead, especially given that Ethan seems to be on the road to extradition, John is heading north, and Sir Malcolm is going south. Everyone is moving in a new direction.

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