‘Hannibal’ season 3, episode 5 review: Hannibal and Jack’s painful reunion

The world of “Hannibal” has been crazy and complex more or less throughout the third season of the show so far, but through the majority of tonight’s new episode you started to get the sense that despite whatever craftiness Dr. Lecter a.k.a. Dr. Fell may have, this is going to be a losing battle for him. In very unsurprising news, his hubris is once again going to get in the way of him keeping his true identity a secret.

Tonight, the first person who uncovered him was Pazzi, who following some discussions with Mason Verger over a potential bounty, decided that he was going to take some matters into his own hands. That did not work out particularly well for him. While Hannibal continued to torment this man, he received a phone call from Alana Bloom. Clearly, he did not have to answer that call, but he almost wanted her to know what he was doing, and how insanely good he is at being sly and sinister.

Another key part of the story tonight was seeing Will Graham’s own travels to find Hannibal, only to learn most of the way through that Chiyoh knew his whereabouts all along. She clearly saw a similar sort of darkness within him, which was enough for her to opt for pushing Will from the train.

Yet, no moment tonight tops the brilliant final five minutes, where Jack Crawford finally finds Hannibal and proceeds to beat the heck out of him. This was great music and a wonderfully-choreographed scene, orchestrated with one final surprise at the end: Jack didn’t kill him! Why did he not deliver the final blow? It was such a strange maneuver, and our feeling for now is that perhaps he does not want to be a killer on the same level as Dr. Lecter. Yet, this is a dangerous game that he is clearly playing.

This episode may not have resolved too much in the end, but we were nonetheless still very much entertained through and through. Grade: A-.

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