‘Suits’ season 5, episode 2 review: The war over Donna continues

Suits -Through “Suits” season 5 so far, there have been a few simple themes … with trust being pretty far up on the list. Louis Litt, for example, does not trust that Donna has his best interests at heart. Instead, he is constantly in fear that she is going to leave.

Tonight, there was this sort of situation yet again when we effectively saw Donna try to warn Louis about blowing up a situation that would damage his relationship with Harvey further. In true Louis fashion, though, he did not listen, and of course this blew up in his face later. All of this stems back to Louis being upset over the fact that Harvey was secretly paying Donna’s salary. These two guys are still very much in a flexing contest, and one that is probably not going to end anytime soon.

Meanwhile, tonight’s episode also featured an opportunity for Mike and Robert Zane to actually start to talk things out now that they are about to be in-laws. At first, this revolved around a prenuptial agreement, which Robert wanted his daughter and Mike to sign. He was willing to do it, but after she felt like these two men were trying to control her versus allowing her to actually come up with her own decision, she spurned them both and decided that she would not sign it.

However, Mike and Robert still found a use for one another, as they are going to team up on a case to help people who are going to have a hard time defending themselves. Working with Robert is a risky proposition for Mike, even if he doesn’t see it right away; he has his secrets for one, and do you want to see this sort of intimidating side of the man so early?

In the end, this was not anywhere near as shocking an episode as the premiere to us; while we enjoyed it, there could be a point if the show doesn’t watch itself where all of the fighting over Donna could become melodramatic. Grade: B-.

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