‘Teen Wolf’ season 5 premiere review: Living in Lydia’s world

Teen Wolf -Teen Wolf” is a show sometimes about identity, fear, overcoming hard times, and remembering where you came from. However, sometimes it can be hard to see some of these themes when dealing with immeasurable odds.

The thing about tonight’s season 5 premiere is that many of our beloved men and women in Beacon Hills had some time to think about past transgressions. After the events of season 5, the show had a little bit of time to catch its breath to a certain extent. There were a few moments of regrouping, or think of them perhaps as the calm before another storm. What made this episode fascinating to us is that you know that this particular calm was there, and yet at the same time the show chose to throw you in to a fast-forward from the very beginning.

The premiere opened with a taste of things to come from Lydia … or at least what we hope to see from her. The truth is, we spent most of the episode wondering whether or not we had been hosed by the proclamations that there would be something so much greater for the character in this episode. Remember the hype that she was going to have such a big role? Some of that hype paid off in the closing seconds, as we saw through Lydia’s eyes visions of what may have happened to so many of her friends, with the emphasis here of course on the word “may.” Whether or not Dr. Three Eye (sans the third eye) was actually causing us to see the truth remains to be seen. Here is what we know for now.

1. The scenes at the school are in the past, and it is a small amount of time later where Lydia is being interrogated. Her attempt at an escape from the opening is also in the future.

2. We have another powerful force in Beacon Hills, one desperate to snatch Scott’s powers and reclaim them. That did not happen tonight, luckily.

3. The arrival of Theo (Cody Christian) was a notable one in how it reminded us that there is a world outside of this town. Sure, we heard about this from Kira’s time in New York, but Theo proved to us that there is an outside world that may know of Scott’s exploits. He is not so quiet or under-the-radar when it comes to the supernatural. Sure, it helps that Theo does also have a past in the town.

This episode is as a whole one that may take some “Teen Wolf” fans a little bit of time to analyze, and understandably so. This show produced tonight the biggest memory palace outside of “Hannibal,” and we are left wondering whether or not it is about to be knocked down. Episode Grade: B-, could have been higher minus confusion.

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