‘Royal Pains’ season 7, episode 5 video: Evan and Paige talk out their issues

Where are we going when it comes to Evan and Paige on “Royal Pains” this season? It’s a worthwhile question, since this is a story that has been met with divided opinions this season. Some people appreciate the realism here, and that the show is not just producing drama for the sake of it. However, we also know that there are some others out there that wish that there was a little bit more of a harder edge to what is going on between the two in terms of trying to get a house together and figure out future family plans.

Ultimately, we still imagine that most of their story is still to come this season over the final four episodes, and the sneak peek below shows you what they are up against.

With Evan, he has to deal with the fact that he is working for a man in Boris whose job title may as well read International Man of Mystery. This is someone who almost seems at this point to revel in being enigmatic. It is hard to figure out where he stands on almost anything, and Boris seems somewhat fine with having it be that way.

Meanwhile, Paige is working to make sure that she and Evan are in a position to adopt, and this includes getting their new home finally together. One thing that we can tease about this story is this: We’re finally going to get some further information into why in the world this is taking so darn long!

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