‘Graceland’ season 3: Series boss on big Mike decision

Did you really think that “Graceland” was going to do something like kill off Mike? The finale of season 2 at least set it up as though something like this could actually happen … even though it didn’t. Mike may have actually died, but it was only for a few minutes as he was brought back. He has a new lease, a potential new mission, but at the same time, he may be haunted by what he believes came to him during that time. It’s something that will be played out throughout the rest of the upcoming episodes.

So did the show really consider killing Mike off? Speaking per The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Jeff Eastin had the following to say about what happened, which included Briggs eventually bringing him back:

“We discussed it for a half-second. … The intent really was to play out two things: No. 1, the fact that Briggs is always a master chess player. He’s always trying to manipulate and maneuver and pitting that against this belief that Mike has, when he was clinically dead for six minutes, he believes he saw something. We touch on it a little bit in the first episode but that really becomes the major issue of the season is what Mike believes he saw and what he does about it. We always had that in in mind when we came to that conclusion.”

By the time we make it to the end of the season, let’s hope that this all does pay off. What we do know, per Eastin, is that what happened with Mike is going to cause his relationship with Briggs to change, and they get an interesting chance to start over. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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