‘Big Brother 17′ review: Jason and James’ first nominations (plus the Battle of the Block!)

James -Tonight’s “Big Brother 17” episode was a warm slice of comfort food. You had the theme song, the “previously on ‘Big Brother,'” and some of the typical diary room fluff you expect. At least you have Johnny Mac in there, who has done much more in the DR so far this season than the feeds.

Get ready for a takeover! – Phil Keoghan announced that we were getting a BB Fast Forward this week, which means that the two women who sat out the first Head of Household Competition in Vanessa and Da’Vonne are both safe. They also got a chance to declare two other people safe. We feel Vanessa made the right move in giving it to Austin, since he is a big physical threat who can pay that forward. Meanwhile, why in the world did Da’Vonne give this to Liz? We like Day very much, but Liz is not going to ever be a challenge beast who will be in a position to help her.

Nominations – As you know already at this point, Jason decided to nominate Becky and John, while James put up both Steve and Jackie. Pretty solid nominations given the four people who were safe, and the supposed plan to send Jace packing. It doesn’t look like any particular alliance or gender is being targeted.

Now, we turn to the Most Unrealistic Portrayal of the Night: Day and Audrey’s dance-off. Maybe they still were close at the time of the nomination ceremony and they are still acting kind-of close, but there is a war bubbling underneath the surface because they both want to be head honcho.

Battle of the Block – This was the best and worst of “Big Brother” editing. A fun Battle of the Block that encouraged teamwork, and yet we still had a mindless regurgitation of all of the competition’s rules throughout in case we forgot, plus reminders that Jeff (who was not even taking part!) was in “The Amazing Race.” John and Becky win, which leaves Steve and Jackie on the block. Meanwhile, Jason is no longer HoH.

This episode did not cover probably as much ground as really hoped for, but by and large we are enjoying this season. Grade: B.

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