‘The Bachelorette’ CarterMatt Podcast: On Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick Viall, Ian Thomson, more with Jessa

KaitlynIt is pretty fair to say that we have a heck of a lot to comment on in the latest edition of our “Bachelorette” podcast. Just think for a minute here about everything that has transpired since we were last on two weeks ago! Nick Viall has made an enormous impression, Ian Thomson has angered most of America, and if that was not enough for most people out there, just remember for a few minutes here everything that has transpired on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Snapchat.

Since we do bring up the Snapchat scandal (we feel like it is pretty disingenuous not to at this point), there are some spoilers in the podcast! You’ve been warned.

Also, some of the other topics discussed include the following:

1. Whether or not Nick, Naitklyn, production, and even the media are handling the whole Nick-sleeping-with-Kaitlyn situation the right way. This is something that we are going to probably be discussing for quite a while the rest of the season.

2. How terribly Ian came off courtesy of the way in which he berated Kaitlyn at the start of this week’s episode, and how he could have come across as more genuine had he managed to go about this whole deal in a very different way.

3. Whether or not the show’s ratings are evidence that we are gluttons for punishment.

4. How we feel like Joshua Albers probably was one of the most well-meaning guys of the season, but he just made a few mistakes when it comes to actually playing the game of “The Bachelorette.” We also talk about why he may have lied on the show last week.

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