‘UnREAL’ episode 4 review: Are Rachel and Adam getting closer?

UnREAL -There is a certain part of us that cannot help but want some sort of trashy Rachel / Adam romantic storyline on Lifetime’s “UnREAL,” even if that is totally what a show on Lifetime would do and this series has for the most part circumvented most of the expectations that we would have for it given the network. It’s tried to push the envelope with a variety of stories mocking the reality TV experience, and we feel like for the most part it has succeeded. (Warning: Spoilers ahead. We’re posting this a little early because the episode’s been available on Lifetime’s website.)

One of the reasons why we feel like there is such chemistry with Rachel and Adam is probably because she’s one of the few people who seems the star of “Everlasting” for who he is: A one-time party boy desperate to establish himself, and to no longer be a family joke. That’s why he forced production to virtually remake his entire vineyard for a date, one that did not have all that romance given that we had everything from forced kisses to confrontations to offers to be Adam’s “wingman.”

The top entertaining moment of the episode for us was clearly getting to see Adam front and center for a rather testy confrontation regarding whether or not he was texting an ex, which had been leaked to the tabloids. Seeing how the show’s production works to set him up, and then allow him to redeem himself, is a very interesting cycle that is probably not that far away from the truth.

This episode was also dominated in many ways be the Quinn story, as we were reminded yet again how great Constance Zimmer is at the producer who was having a relationship with her boss Chet, only to later realize just how much of “the other woman” she really is. Tonight, it became much worse for her as she had a chance to reconnect with her past, almost to see on the other side of the fence. As we learned just how big of a role she had in the creation of the “Everlasting” franchise, it made everything even worse for her. Chet’s probably one of worst guys ever. Sure, there are parts of us that wishes he was not just the sleazeball that we predict the head of such a show would be, but we’re not going to dispute that it is compelling. The entire series is.

While we’re not entirely sure how much press “UnREAL” is going to get at this point due to its ratings, we do enjoy the show, and wish that more networks were interested in sending up a genre that honestly deserves it. Grade: B+.

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