‘The Bachelorette’ review: Did Nick Viall, Kaitlyn Bristowe sleep together? The aftermath

Nick -We knew from all of the promos that Monday night’s new episode of “The Bachelorette” was going to be controversial. However, did everything happen with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nick Viall as we expected? This was an interesting night, and we almost wish that at least ten minutes were cut out of the episode early on so we could have had more of the story later.

Ian’s exit – Let’s start with this nonsense. Does Ian just have a thing for emotionally vulnerable people or something? He seems to almost be infatuated with Kaitlyn at her worst (after being heartbroken) versus someone who was confident and joking around. Ian also has zero sense of humor. These two were not compatible, and we feel like had he not been such a jerk in confessionals, we would probably sympathize with him more than we do. Later, Ian. Can’t really say that we’ll miss you. You have less of a chance of being “The Bachelor” than Juan Pablo.

Rose Ceremony – After hearing that Ian “offended” Kaitlyn at least 200 times, we then saw a Rose Ceremony at the Alamo that was (yawn) incredibly predictable. The only notable contestant to leave from our vantage point was Joshua, who really shot himself in the foot by his lengthy anti-Nick diatribe. We get how he felt, but you have to know when to speak up, and when to be quiet on this show.

Nick’s date – This was to us somehow hilarious. Production knows that the other guys hate Nick, and upon arrival in Dublin, she came over to announce that he was going. Pretty much akin to sending Shawn to an insane asylum. This date was steamy … VERY steamy. It was really annoyingly steamy when you think about it. We don’t need to hear so much about keeping hands off of each other and the like. We know that there is all of this stuff happening on the show, but there’s also a difference between hearing about it and it being somewhere underneath the surface.

Does the MVP award for the night go to the sound guy outside of Kaitlyn’s hotel room? Ew. Definitely not. It felt like this went on for around three hours, and we cannot imagine this being comfortable TV for anymore. She and Nick definitely had some action underneath the sheets. No other way to explain it based on what we heard. The one thing we will say is that Nick wasn’t really that terrible to anyone after the fact. Sure, people can read between the lines, but he could’ve been worse about it.

The group date – We groaned at first when we saw a sneak peek about Ben and Kaitlyn at what was an Irish wake for her, mostly because we thought that this was going to be some weird, super-serious thing that was actually not like a wake at all. Instead, it was mostly fun. We died when Shawn claimed that if he had spent the entire day before with Nick, he would’ve wanted to kill himself, too. Jared somehow got a rose after calling Kaitlyn at one point a “beautiful corpse,” while Shawn went off and sulked over it, upset for the second time this episode.

We’re not really sure that this episode was much of a win for anyone, given that Shawn came off not so great in it and many of the guys have had some less-than-stellar moments. Then again, this is also proving to be a less-than-stellar season. Grade: C-.

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