Should ‘King of the Nerds’ receive a season 4 renewal? Our take on the campaign

Kind of the Nerds -King of the Nerds” on TBS is a show that we’ve always had a soft spot for. Most of that is probably due to the fact that we categorize ourselves at least as a potential Prince of Nerds, though we may also feel a little bit of a kindred connection to the show courtesy of our “Beauty and the Geek” past and other endeavors. If you take the selfishness and personal interests out of the equation, though, you do still have a well-paced, fun reality competition that doesn’t exploit or embarrass its contestants. It is uplifting in a way, but does so without banging you over the head in obnoxious fashion.

Now, we are still staring into the abyss of uncertainty. Don’t let “King of the Nerds” season 4 become the “Half-Life 3” of TV shows, people! While at the end of the day we have no control as to whether or not TBS actually renews the show, we as viewers / supporters can do what we can to support the cause. Here are a few simple suggestions.

1. Tweet your support – Make it known that you want the show back! The hashtags #NerdArmy and #NerdsRule have been used commonly in the campaign so far, and you can also tweet to @KingofNerdsTBS or @tbs_tv if you want to vocalize your thoughts specifically to the accounts that matter.

One thing that is a somewhat-welcome sign is that the official Twitter for the show is still tweeting out a few messages here and there. These accounts are typically run in conjunction with a network, so if the show was dead, why post a message on Father’s Day?

2. Make it fun – Make some memes, come up with some funny quotes, and do what you can to remind TBS what makes this show special. While they have shows that generate better ratings, few have the same sort of following that this one does on social media. Keeping things positive and light is always going to be the way to go; you want to make executives smile rather than frustrate them. We’ve got one such example below, shared by former contestant and friend of the site Zack Storch:

Just for the heck of it, we created one that clearly shows what we’ve spent most of the past week obsessing over:

Meme -

3. Keep the underdog spirit alive – We have to realize here that in spite of all the love online, it may still be an uphill battle to keep the show on the air. Ratings were down for season 3 versus season 2, and once viewers have departed a show it can be very difficult to bring them back. Statistics over the years show that. Still, there is no reason to lose hope entirely. We can cite many shows (“Community,” “Chuck,” “Jericho,” “Longmire”) that have been saved on the strength of fan campaigns, so why not this one? Why not us as passionate “King of the Nerds” fans? This is one of those times where the “us against the world” mentality can be beneficial.

Just for the sake of reminding TBS that the audience for the show is still out there, we’ve created a poll below that you can vote in … we already have a feeling what the results of that will be.

Of course, if you want you can go back and read some of our season 3 coverage here. Also, sign up now to get some further TV news sent over to you, courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: TBS.)


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