‘Halt and Catch Fire’ season 2, episode 4 review: Donna, Gordon’s surprise; Cameron’s breakthrough

Halt -Throughout the first three episodes of AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire,” the fate of Cameron’s computer company Mutiny has been constantly hanging by a thread. This is a business that brings to the table ambitious goals, but to a certain extent a lack of the business sense as to how to actually assemble them.

Ultimately, this is where we have a certain someone in Bosworth enter the fray. He went grassroots to ensure that the company started to gain subscribers again after the Gordon disaster, and after a few episodes in which he tried to find himself, he seems more in his element despite having no clue as to what all of the technology is. The irony here is that through most of this story, he was not even technically under the company’s employ. That was something that was made a little more apparent by the time we made it to the episode’s end.

It is a good thing that Bosowrth is there, given that Cameron may have just come up with one of her biggest breakthroughs yet: Finding a way to innovate multi-person gaming more with the whole “play with friends” premise. She and Tom are proving to be the true architects of this, and while we’re not sure that we love the idea of them as a couple yet, we do think that their intellectual connection is on another level.

As entertaining as much of this was, there is this underlying tension present on the show at the moment, mostly because you know that Mutiny’s current implementation is minutes away from falling apart the moment that Cameron realizes that Gordon is using Joe and his connections to power it like never before. Joe’s relationship with both Cameron and Donna is well-documented, and another surprise at the end of the episode complicates this further: Donna may be pregnant again at a time when she barely can spend time with her children as it is.

Overall, this was a pretty jam-packed episode of the show, and while we’re unsure if we needed as many crazy Mutiny scenes with everyone running around with toy guns, the show continued its winning streak of delivering enjoyable episodes. Grade: A-.

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