‘Orphan Black’ season 3 finale spoilers: Expect closure before season 4

Tonight’s episode of “Orphan Black” is going to be the end of season 3, and in many ways even an end for an era when it comes to the show. While there may be a loose end or two, executive producer John Fawcett and the writers seem very much invested in creating a different sort of conclusion than the ones that they have made to date. This time around, the show may be looking more to tie together some loose ends rather than blow the roof completely off the place with a shocking cliffhanger.

Speaking recently to “Entertainment Tonight,” Fawcett had a chance to preview further the finale, and he commented on some of its general themes with the following message:

“It really is the closing of a chapter … It was important because the story did seem to get a bit more complex in season three and the mystery just kind of sort of naturally had to, and so in creating this episode, we spent a lot of time moving toward this climax.

“There is a little bit more closure than maybe is typical for an [Orphan Black] season finale. It has a real feel of an ending vibe to it, rather than having everything left in a cliffhanger. I think we really wanted to have a really strong climax and then have the feeling that in season four we could reset a little bit and kind of begin again.”

The show has already been renewed for a fourth season, so you can rest assured that this is not just Fawcett speaking about something that is a theoretical construct at the moment and nothing more. The series will return to BBC America, and when it does there will be quite a bit to look forward to once again.

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