‘Finding Carter’ season 2, episode 13 will air in October (promo)

finding carter 2At the time that “Finding Carter” season 2’s summer finale aired a little earlier in the week, there was some ambiguity as to when the show was going to be coming back to MTV. Now, we are very happy to be presenting to you some answers!

As the promo below highlights, the show is going to come on the air for the first of the final 12 episodes of the season in October. There’s not a precise date in there, but to us we really don’t need one. We just have a sense of relief that you will get to see more of this saga before the end of the year. If we were playing master scheduler here, what we would say is this. It will take almost three months to air these remaining episodes if you plan on doing so in 2015, and that dictates an early October return; if you premiere on October 5, for example, and air a new episode every week, that means that the show will wrap up on December 21. You really don’t want to push the show’s finale between Christmas and New Year’s, mostly since that is a TV graveyard where there are few new viewers.

Another possibility is to make one episode a two-hour event during the second part of the season, and then end it a little earlier on December 14 / start it a little later. This is all just assuming that the show is going to air on Tuesdays, but this is probably a solid assumption since “Awkward” and “Faking It” are moving to Mondays starting on August 31. They used to air in the “Finding Carter” timeslot.

We’ll have more news during the hiatus, but for now head over here to read our review of the last big episode!

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