‘Big Brother 17’ cast spoilers: Will Steve Moses part the sea of great players?

Steve -We really want to like Steve Moses on “Big Brother 17,” mostly because we always find ourselves rooting for many of the superfans / nerdier guys on the show. However, he does something in his Jeff Schroeder interview (otherwise known as our main source of information on these articles) that we really hate: He starts pointing out all of the reasons why he’s not like Ian Terry, suggesting almost that his way of doing things is better.

This guy is doing the thing where his favorite team wins the Super Bowl, and he tells them the things that they did wrong. Ian won the game! Whatever he did, regardless of whether or not you like it, helped him make it to the end and win. Steve will be lucky to do anywhere near as well as Ian. (Note that we also didn’t like it when Johnny on “Big Brother Canada” claimed that he didn’t want to be the “next Aneal,” either.)

First Impression – He is extremely smart, loves the game, and has a great mind for how to play it logically. He seems to understand that it’s better to not get into a showmance, and laying low without trying too hard to do anything is a great way to play for the most part. He seems willing to do everything it takes to win, and that’s one of the reasons why he could stir up great drama.

Worst Impression – One of the things that Ian did so well was that he was able to have this persona of this young, fairly innocent guy who needed help from other players in certain situations. Steve doesn’t have the humility for that. He knows he’s the smartest guy in the room, and he seems very much unaware of how big of a target he will be as a result of it.

Do we think that Steve can do really well? Sure, but he will be in some ways reliant on some other huge personalities to shoot themselves in the foot, therefore taking some attention off of him.

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