‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Dr. Danger’s Daredevil All-Stars, Pyro Boy, Cliff Ryder, and more craziness

America's Got Talent -Let’s give some credit tonight to the second half of “America’s Got Talent,” since for the first time we really had a showcase of outdoor danger acts. We’ve seen singers and dancers, but this was one of the first chances that we’ve had to get an hour of just people doing extreme things. We don’t know if they are mainstream enough to win, but we are at least happy to have a lot of them.

The first hour was still spent still focusing on the traditional “AGT” acts. We’ll get to those before we start to get a little crazier.

The Squad – A good dance crew, but a pretty boring name and there’s not really anything in here that makes them stand out. We want to see them step it up so far if they make it far enough.

Daniella Mass – A very good singer. We’re still not sure if she can deliver in subsequent rounds (singers at times can be very inconsistent), but this is close to being as strong as a first audition as you can deliver on this show as a young singer.

Aiden Sinclair – He’s a magician with an interesting story as a former con man who actually picked up some of his tools of the trade while in prison. The show does constantly claim that they want something that they haven’t quite seen before, and he certainly fits that bill.

Uzeyer Novruzov – One of the strangest, most entertaining acts that we’ve seen. It reminds us of the Charlie Chapling-esque performer from “Britain’s Got Talent” this season who was extremely skilled, but pretended like he was not.

Metal Mulisha – Spelling is not their talent; dirt bake stunts are! They’re really great; extremely dangerous, fast-paced, and thoroughly entertaining at what they do. Still, what else can they do? Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to find out later on in the competition.

Damone Rippy – We have never seen what this guy was doing more or less hovering over water and doing a wide array of tricks. It was super-cool! We have no idea at all if he is great or bad at it, but we at least enjoyed every second we saw of him.

Cliff Ryder – Given that the guy practices base-jumping on a regular basis, this seems like the perfect sort of stunt for him to do. Jumping out of a helicopter is insane, but at least he did enough flips going down to prove that this was a major talent to go along with something crazy.

Pyro Boy – We’re not sure really what the talent here is, but watching this guy basically light himself with fireworks was insanely entertaining. There’s really nothing else to do here other than more fireworks, but it’s still fun for what it is.

Dr. Danger’s Daredevil All-Stars – This school bus stunt to close the episode was AWESOME. We’re not entirely sure that all of them needed to be there for the stunt to work, but there was almost another allure brought on by the “Doctor” and his motley crew. These guys could actually have their own show!

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