‘The Blacklist’ season 3 debate: Talking James Spader’s Red, Megan Boone’s Liz, and major villains

The Blacklist logo any seasonIt has been a good while since we’ve had a major story to share in regards to “The Blacklist,” but you also have to remember that there is a pretty good reason for that. After all, the show is on hiatus, and filming is not going to be back for a little while now.

During this hiatus, we’re feeling that we may do a few isolated debate stories here and there brainstorming what could be some fun ideas for season 3. We’ve enjoyed doing them with other shows, and we have a big format one at the moment when it comes to the Megan Boone – James Spader series: Should we have a consistent Big Bad throughout season 3? We’re thinking somewhere along the lines of Trinity on Dexter, Pope on “Sons of Anarchy,” or what Tom Keen was at times here on the first season. Someone you suspect is bad for almost the entire season, and you’re thrilled to see what happens as a result.

If we are being honest, our ideal situation for season 3 would be to have it go even more serialized; we even think that what happened with Liz at the end of season would support this more than anything else. Therefore, you could introduce a new threat, and then have that person, almost like a series regular, start to haunt Red and Liz’s lives as much as possible. Maybe they don’t appear in every episode, but their presence is not forgotten. Think Berlin on steroids, since he was only around for so long and we wish that we had more of him brought up to another level.

For example, what if there was a villain who was so good at getting away with their crimes, maybe Red hasn’t even sniffed him out yet? Red cannot be perfect with his compiling of the Blacklist, right? All we know is that having more long-term villains gives excellent material to Spader and Boone, and also allows the show to build up some stakes.

(Photo: NBC.)

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