2015 Emmys: Why Mayim Bialik, Mallory Jansen, Leslie Jones, Allison Janney deserve Supporting Actress nods

Emmys -While we said yesterday that the Emmy field for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series one that was fairly easy for us to judge and pinpoint, we had a little more trouble this time around dealing with Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. After all, this was extremely competitive, and trying to pinpoint a list of six people we really adored more than anyone else, plus some honorable mentions, was not easy.

Yest, we’ve managed to figure it out to the best of our abilities below. Take a look at our personal roster, and as with every one of these articles we have written so far, we want to hear your own thoughts! You can vote in the poll below, or make your personal nominees in the comments.

Mayim Bialik, “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) – Consistently funny, Mayim manages to make Amy Farrah Fowler into one of the show’s most complex characters. From one vantage point, it’s easy to think of her as this female Sheldon, this overly scientific woman with little interest in human emotion. However, where she differs is in her capacity and interest in love, and valuing interpersonal connection. These traits combined make her somewhat different than everyone else on the show.

Allison Janney, “Mom” (CBS) – Awards shows love Janney. She’s won six Emmys already, and she is the odds-on favorite to win again here. She’s just so naturally funny, and at the same time there is such an underlying tenderness to what she brings to the table. Despite this being a comedy, “Mom” dealt with some serious stuff this past season, and Janney was often at the heart of it.

Mallory Jansen, “Galavant” (ABC) – “Galavant” was sensational all season long at more or less circumventing what our expectations would be. We knew that Jansen’s Madalena was going to surprise us the moment that she decided to stay with King Richard over Galavant in the pilot, and she only became more twisted from there; in some ways, she was the Big Bad more than Richard! She was so much fun to watch, and Jansen played the part with the sort of gusto you would expect from someone so thrilled to be really taking ownership of this crazy kingdom.

Leslie Jones, “Saturday Night Live” (NBC) – This was a breakout year for Leslie Jones, who may be out favorite “Weekend Update” correspondent going at the moment. While she’s done some really great work in other sketches, we have admittedly probably laughed harder at her few minutes alongside Colin Jost and Michael Che than almost anything else we have watched the entire year. We really wish she could play “relationship expert” on every show.

Carol Kane, “Unbrekable Kimmy Schmidt” (Netflix) – Carol has always been one of those wonderful things over the course of the past forty-plus years in entertainment, but her role here as Kimmy’s landlord is so fantastic. She often doesn’t have the most screen time, but she delivers those punchy Robert Carlock lines in a way that few others can. She has such a tilted worldview that you don’t completely relate to her, but you still find yourself loving almost every second she’s onscreen.

Kate McKinnon, “Saturday Night Live” (NBC) – McKinnon was in some ways the breakout star of season 39 of “SNL,” but she continued her own run of greatness this time with wonderful impressions (we never thought anyone other than Amy Poehler would work as Hillary Clinton), fantastic physical comedy (her “Indiana Jones” spoof with Dwayne Johnson and Pete Davison), and of course that wonderfully absurd sketch with the cats.

Honorable mentions – Chelsea Peretti, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (Fox), Aubrey Plaza, “Parks and Recreation” (NBC), Alison Brie, “Community” (Yahoo)

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