Fall TV Preview: Will NBC’s ‘Blindspot’ with Jaimie Alexander be a hit?

Two years ago at this time, the majority of TV critics were buzzing about a show called “The Blacklist.” It had a really cool, slick premise, and it premiered after a very established hit on NBC in “The Voice.” Its ratings were fantastic from the get-go, and we feel like had the show had a better second season and also was still on Monday nights, it would still be doing really well in the ratings.

Now, NBC is banking on similar straight-out-of-the-gate success with “Blindspot,” an ambitious show featuring Jaimie Alexander as a woman found naked in Times Square, stuffed inside of a duffel bag. She has no memory of how she got there, and her entire body is covered in tattoos that are the solutions to a variety of mysteries. It’s almost like “National Treasure,” except all the secrets this time are on a single person!

Below, take a quick look at what we are both excited and nervous about when it comes to this series as a whole.

What works – First and foremost, the show has an edge, and the scene with the duffel bag is one of the most iconic that we’ve seen in any trailer for the fall season. It’s a cool moment, and the entire trailer is very impressive. It’s action-packed, and Jaimie Alexander is a great cast and has the potential to be a strong lead for many years to come.

What doesn’t – We’re a little concerned about the staying power. How many tattoos can she have? Also, if they present this wrong, it could be perceived as a little cheesy. The struggle here is going to be trying to balance out giving us answers about Alexander’s Jane Doe, and also keeping a few things here and there a mystery.

Our verdict – We really like the trailer! This is one of the most ambitious shows on the fall schedule, and we’d really like to see it be a huge hit just based on the production value and the performances alone. It’s also so simple a premise that it should bring in viewers with even minimal advertisement.

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