‘Penny Dreadful’ season 2, episode 7 review: Ethan and Vanessa bond; Lily’s violent move

Penny DreadfulOn last week’s episode of “Penny Dreadful” we were left with quite a few cliffhangers: Ethan revealed to Sembene that he is a werewolf, Vanessa fainted at Dorian’s party after the witches played mind games with her, and Victor became insanely jealous after Lily and Dorian showed that there was a connection between them.

Tonight, Lily proved herself to be quite the curious killer, and we are left to wonder many things after walking away with a man and then doing him in right smack in the middle of intercourse. What was her goal? Maybe there was a component of keeping herself safe, but there was a major component of thirst in there to see what would happen. Also, Lily’s got some serious strength … though that is not much of a surprise. Don’t you think that she and Dorian are going to have a lot to discuss when they meet up next?

Speaking of meetings, the time spent together between Ethan and Vanessa in this episode was very human, which is saying something on what is a very supernatural show. Through her, he had a real opportunity to start to share and reveal some of his own insecurities, and her some of her individual fears. His concerns over what he becomes at night are becoming a little overwhelming, and while that may be a cause for fear, Vanessa recognizes that there is something more there. Also, he can teach her how to protect herself further. The scenes outside the cottage to us were very compelling.

Ultimately, solving the mystery of the Hound and the Devil will be key to Vanessa’s happiness, and as a whole we feel fairly pleased after this episode. It was eventful, but more than anything else it did a solid job introducing us to some relationship dynamics. Episode grade: B+.

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