‘Home Fires’ episode 5 review: Kate learns to let go

Home Fires -While there may be some smiles on the attached photo of this “Home Fires” article, that does not mean that we were staring bluntly into the face of a happy hour of television. Anytime that you have an hour that ends in an air raid siren, you get a pretty good scope of the general sense of things.

Yet, the scary events at the end of the episode were only just one of many different stories going on, including Kate trying to figure out that there is still tremendous value in her life following the stunning death of Jack. Obviously, she is in mourning, but there were a few scenes in here reminiscent to when Lady Mary on “Downton Abbey” was working to find the strength to move forward after Matthew’s death … though she is far more pleasant of a person at times than the typically-cold Mary.

Meanwhile, the show continues to masterfully craft the story of Pat’s suffering. So easy it would be to depict a story regarding what she is going through as shocking for the sake of being shocked, but the series is not doing that. It is showing her conflicting emotions and working to show the reality and difficulty of the situation. It is certainly not something to be taken lightly, and the show never does this in the slightest.

By the end of the episode, we left feeling slightly concerned for many characters, and yet at the same time we don’t feel like we are meant to walk away from the series feeling entirely despondent. There are at least a few moments of hope in here, and we know thanks to the period setting that sooner or later, life will get better. They may just have to tackle more of the worst first. Episode Grade: B+.

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