’19 Kids and Counting’: The Josh Duggar situation reportedly worsens

19 Kids and Counting -Just in case it was not clear already that the entire Duggar family was in hot water, the latest report is starting to make it boil over.

According to new documents obtained by In Touch, who were the first to reveal publicly Josh Duggar’s history with molestation, there are claims that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may have waited as long as 16 months after first being aware of some of his actions to contact the authorities. Eventually, Duggar was sent to undergo counseling, but that was not after there were multiple cases of something taking place. It’s possible that the parents could have even been prosecuted, but now the statute of limitations has long since passed. The parents are set to conduct an interview tonight with Megyn Kelly on Fox News, and the timing of this latest document being released may not be coincidental. Kelly has promised to broach many a subject in the chat.

So what does all of this mean? It may just be another nail in the coffin for the TLC show “19 Kids and Counting,” which was already on extremely thin ice courtesy of the sole fact that the episodes were already pulled by the likes of the network¬†and Hulu, and the prevailing sentiment seems to be that the show will be canceled. While there has been talk about potentially spinning off the show to focus on sisters Jessa and Jill Duggar and their young families, it seems hard to do that without tackling what is the elephant in the room with this case.

We’ll have some other information as it breaks, but as of right now it feels like the Duggar situation is going from bad to worse.

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