‘Finding Carter’ season 2, episode 10 review: Did Carter or Max tell the truth?

finding carter 2Tonight’s “Finding Carter” episode featured a good bit of time spent outdoors … but at the same time also spent waiting for another shoe to drop.

Will Taylor find out the truth courtesy of Carter’s necklace? We feel like this could for the most part an exercise in her finding out without really finding out … or maybe she will piece all of it together quickly. It just depends on how much everyone decides to tell her. The moment that Madison was clued in on Carter and Max was the moment we realized that this was going to get extremely messy in a very short period of time. The fact that this was also a camping trip, where there are not really many ways to actually escape your surroundings, does not help much at all.

This was as a whole a very unorthodox episode of the show in that so much of it was still waiting, while also figuring out some new layers about everyone from Bird to Gabe. We wouldn’t say that there was the most forward movement out of any episode we’ve ever seen (especially when it comes to Lori), but seeing Carter’s delicate dance around the truth was interesting in its own way.

Most of our anxiety is now spent wondering what will happen next week; now only that, but also what Crash’s return could mean given that he and Carter have had their fair share of moments over the years. Grade: B.

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