‘The Bachelorette’ review: Tony Harris, Clint Arlis, Shawn Booth, and Kaitlyn Bristowe drama galore

Tony -Where in the world did “The Bachelorette” get some of the guys this season? What a motley crew this is! We’ve seen people who want to fight, people who want to complain, and apparently people who also want to go to the zoo.

Here is what we did learn early on when it comes to Tony: While he wants to go to the zoo, apparently he does not want to be a part of the circus. After seeing some of the shenanigans with the sumo wrestler date, Tony decided that he wanted out of there in a blink of an eye. Maybe he was upset about losing, as well, since he seemed to be fine taking part in the sumo date to the point where he put on the traditional robe. At least the guy left on his own terms rather than waiting for his inevitable Rose Ceremony elimination. He obviously realized that these shenanigans are not for him, and decided that he was better off saying goodbye.

Yet, we’ll miss Tony greatly. Tremendous entertainment! He’s got a mind of a child, the heart of a warrior, or … well, something like that.

Just in case this episode did not have enough wacky drama in it, remember that early in this episode, we also had Kupah fighting with production and carrying on until he eventually stormed off after complaining extensively. Then, you had Clint Arlis deciding that it would suddenly be an amazing idea to start doing nothing on a date.

One-on-one date – Consider this part of the episode to be the silver lining in the episode, as we actually saw a nice moment for Kaitlyn and Ben Zorn on their one-on-one date. They solved a series of scary puzzles in order to escape a chamber. We hated it at first, and then we found it to be rather fun. A pretty boring date beyond that. He gets the rose.

The other group date – Ben Higgins is a contender! For the first time, we started to see him in a really positive light as he started to get closer to her after we watched the entire ridiculous spectacle that was sex ed. It was all a trick, but at least he and Jared made the best of it.

Complete nonsense – The whole JJ vs. Clint shenanigans are hilarious for the most part, but did we really need the “Brokeback Mountain” music thrown in here? These guys seem to be completely relishing the villain role, and some of the other guys have completely started to single them out. This is our cliffhanger this time! Grade: B-.

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