‘The Bachelorette’ review: JJ Lane, Kupah James, and Tony Harris take center stage for Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn -What’s hilarious about “The Bachelorette“? Surprisingly, the first group date was actually a lot more of a joke than the one that was actually at the comedy club. We had boxing, underwater photography, and of course some comedy. We also had a few minutes spent watching the relationship develop between Britt Nilsson and Brady Toops. We’re not going to waste a whole lot of time here; let’s dive in!

Group Date – What we learned about tonight’s episode is that there is nothing more romantic than seeing people be repeatedly punched in the face. Seriously, we hate these dates. They are so aggressive and machismo and are not even remotely passion-based. Of course, the guy in Ben Zorn who is twice the size of the other men wins! Also, he told the story about losing his mother, and the two of them are further along already in the relationship than the majority of the other people this season.

Let’s give Tony a little bit of credit to speak out against the date. We get the sense that the guy has never seen the show before. He is so far out on his own planet, but we at the same time find him supremely entertaining.

One-on-One Date – Kaitlyn took Clint Arlis and his amazing head of hair off on some date that was mostly a photo shoot / chemistry test: Having to take photos while dressed up underwater. At least they let them wear real clothes while they were doing it … at first. Then everyone stripped down. Kaitlyn must be going for some sort of kissing record. Take that, Chris Soules and Andi Dorfman!

Group Date #2 – What we learned right away about JJ is that he’s terrible. He’s not funny, and he’s also not exactly humble, either. The date at the Improv is always one with potential, and this date brought us not only Amy Schumer, but some of her other pals to help with coming up with great jokes. Bonus points for Nikki Glaser showing up! Somehow, JJ still got the rose a little bit later for getting all sensitive. Maybe that side to him exists, but it has a feel of phoniness to it when he acts so cocky during the confessionals.

The second weirdest guy on the night was Tony, who is almost comatose when it comes to comedy. It was so awkward. Tony is one of those Renaissance men who really should not be on the show. We’re really not entirely sure if he should even be in any sort of social dating environment. He’s incredible earnest and sincere to the point almost of self-parody.

Cocktail party – This was awkward, mostly because of the conversation between Kaitlyn and Kupah that led to him leaving the show almost suddenly. We get where he was coming from, with him not wanting to be a token minority and the like. Still, there had to be a better approach for it, right? He’s almost too honest for his own good, and completely unaware of the fact that other people can hear him. He didn’t react well, and he really blew another opportunity here to go out without looking a little desperate.

On a different note, we’re not sure it was the best move for Kaitlyn to go out there and deal with Kupah berating production. Don’t get involved there! The guy’s angry and you’ve already eliminated him; also, you’ve already dealt with enough insanity.

That was it this week, since there was no Rose Ceremony. Oh, and you can read more about Britt and Brady hereGrade: B-.

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