‘Penny Dreadful’ season 2, episode 5 review: Has Dorian Grey found his soulmate?

Last time on “Penny Dreadful” we saw the witches getting even closer to snagging Vanessa into their care for the demon that wants her, but Ethan and Malcolm are doing everything they can to help stop that from happening. What they don’t know about is Evelyn’s voodoo doll and that she is blackmailing Ferdinand, so they will have a hard journey ahead of them.

Vanessa: With Evelyn’s daughter snagging some of Vanessa’s hair, the voodoo doll is being close to complete and she is in serious trouble, but Vanessa knows what they are up to and it is helping the group prepare to battle them. Unfortunately they are telling the plan to Ferdinand and that will be a problem we are sure. While waiting for the witches to attack we had a really nice moment between Vanessa and Ethan as she was too scared to sleep and he slept in her room at the foot of her bed to make sure she was safe.

Victor: John is sick of waiting for Lily and wants Victor to push her into his arms, but he tells him to work his own magic on her and that he’s done what he can. John goes to see Lily and tries to make a connection with her, but all she can really talk about is Victor while he secretly listens in. The chemistry between John and Lily is non-existent for her and she later goes to lunch with Victor and Vanessa. It’s obvious to Vanessa that Lily and Victor have a lot of chemistry. Later when a storm erupts, Lily jumps into Victor’s bed for comfort and after sharing a kiss, they share a lot more together.

Dorian: He brings Angelique out to the theater where they meet up with another man that was unhappy to have paid for her to find out that she was really a man. Dorian tries to make her feel accepted in this world, out in the open, but when this man spits on her, she is feeling embarrassed. When they return to Dorian’s home, she dresses in Dorian’s clothing and makes herself look like a man to fit in saying she is tired of trying fighting, but he tells her that she’s not fighting alone and that he will care for her no matter what. While we still don’t like that Dorian isn’t part of the main storyline, we do love this romantic connection.  Reeve Carney makes chemistry with everyone look so beautiful, delicious and perfect.

The one thing we want to mention that we really love, love, love is the beautiful friendship growing between John and Vanessa and helping him grow the confidence he needs to move forward and cultivate other relationships. Ethan finding out about the detective investigating him and the murders at the Inn has been a long, slow build and we’ve been loving that too. The Malcolm and Evelyn romance story we could do without, it almost feels like now that Mina is dead that the show doesn’t know what to do with him. Episode grade:B+

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Penny Dreadful” and how do you think it’s all going to end? Leave us a comment below.

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